Current Initiatives in the Classroom

Girls in STEM

Girls in STEM is an ongoing initiative to expose girls to the field of STEM in a fun and engaging way. Started back in 2014, this initiative has helped double the female population in our STEM classes by exposing students to a new way of thinking.

Inventing with Makey Makey

MaKey MaKey uses Arduino hardware that enables Mr. Russo to create hands-on lessons for his students that focus on concepts such as electrical energy generated through everyday objects.

Kano in the Classroom

Kano is a computer students build and code themselves. The Kano OS is designed for exploration, creation, and play. Perfect for developing cognitive learning skills through discovery based learning.

Learning With Portals

Learning with Portals is a curriculum Mr. Russo created exclusively using Valve’s Portal 2 game that integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) as well as English and Physics concepts.

Google CS First

Google’s CS First was designed to increases student exposure to computer science (CS) education. Utilizing the “In Game Design” curriculum we cover basic video game coding concepts through creating online games!

Coming Soon!

Hour of Code (

Coming Soon!

Aerospace Engineering (PBL)

Project Based Learning Coming Soon!

3D Printing and CAD Design

Based on Tinkercad and Google SketchUp. Coming Soon!

Past Classroom Initiatives

Comics With Kids

Comics with kids was an initiative started back in 2013. The idea is engaging and promoting students desire to not only read complex texts, but develop a love for reading.

Minecraft Edu

MinecraftEdu is a school-ready remix of the original smash hit game Minecraft, played by over 30 million people worldwide that integrates STEM concepts in a digital space.

iPads in the Classroom

With the influx of iPads in schools, iPads in the classroom was a startup initiative to engage students in an English classroom environment with a multidisciplinary approach.